Having originally studied automobile engineering to degree level I soon realised my future did not lie solely within the constraints of the design office, so I turned to my much deeper and earlier passion for wood and woodworking.

To hone my skills I trained with a Sheffield based cabinetmaker My Fathers Heart.  Here my practical skills where perfected through workshop time working under a time served craftsman. In late 2006 I set up Tom Provost Furniture designing and making fine furniture to commission, working with private customers Tashi Mannox and collaborating with a range of commercial practices Crafted Space being of particular note respectively.

As a furniture designer and maker I strive to create commissions which are innovative and fitting their purpose.  Furniture should be appropriate for its surroundings and should have an obvious impact upon a room.  However this impact is not the whole picture.   An initially striking piece, due to materials or size should offer up surprises in its subtleties the longer it is used and viewed.  These subtleties take the form of tricks on the eye due to form, texture and plays of light.  In this way a piece can maintain freshness even long after it is delivered.  This runs true whether the brief is to create an addition to an existing interior, a striking centre piece or a complete room plan. The inspiration to fulfil this ethos derives it’s self in the flowing form, colouring and simplicity of the trees themselves.

When it comes to the construction of my furniture I believe the intricate craftsmanship employed, use of locally/sustainably sourced timbers, integration of imperfections in timbers to the care taken in the fine oil and wax finishes combine to preserve that sense of real, honest and hand crafted which I strives for in all my work.

Now honored to be a Craft & Design Selected maker