Steam Bent Firewood Arch

The firewood arch is crafted from sustainably sourced Scottish beech. It is designed as a beautiful fireside store for your firewood allowing easy access to your log supply and making a feature of your firewood stack.

We use the time-honored process of steam bending timber to form the organic three-centered arch, which is central to this design. Steam bending involves as the name

suggests heating the timber with steam until it becomes temporarily pliable.  Whilst in the state of temporary pliability the use of jigs allows us to bend the formally stiff timber into any variety of shapes (the sky “jigs” are the limit). Once cooled the work piece reverts to it’s former stiffness and becomes rigid again whilst retaining the shape it has been formed to.

Dimensions:  600mm tall x 420mm wide x 240mm deep. This firewood arch is designed to carry logs cut to 250mm long

Delivery: Free UK delivery within 2 weeks couriered to your chosen destination

Available in specially selected Scottish Beech.

If you are interested in this product but would like it built to a specific design, please contact Tom directly on 07766 864234


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